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We Service The Entire

Los Angeles LA Region

We service all of Southern California with pressure washing. Including 
Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Riverside, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills, Pacific Pallisades, Santa Monica, Redondo Beach, Newport Beach, Malibu, etc

Los Angeles

Graffiti Removal Services

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We have been removing graffiti tags from various types of surfaces, over the years we understand each job is different from the next job and our approach to how we remove the graffiti varies in order to protect the surface from further damage.

Our methods Include hot water pressure washing with the aid of specialty graffiti removal products best used when we remove from brick and concrete we can remove graffiti from timber, metal surfaces, we also provide hand cleaning from signs, windows, lights.

Graffiti On Painted SurfaceGraffiti On Painted Surfacewhen we face graffiti on painted surfaces its best at times to re paint the surface to get the best finished results.

We can provide anti graffiti coating to help with easy maintenance of your buildings exterior surfaces in the future,

Emergency Graffiti Removal Service particularly when tags are offensive